Free Website Traffic Tips

Free Website Traffic Tips

If you want free website traffic, you are going to need more than traffic. You are going to need to convert that traffic into money. In this case, money is not wealth. Money is how you convert traffic into wealth.

Suppose you have a website. Let's say it's It sells website hosting.

Your website needs customers. You pay people to visit your website and buy its product, and you make money.

There are many ways to get people to visit your website. Some of them are free.

You have to advertise. You can buy banner ads on other websites, or you can buy advertising in magazines or newspapers. Both of these are expensive and risky. They are expensive because you don't know who is going to visit your website. You might advertise to the wrong people, and advertising to the wrong people is a waste of money. And advertising is risky because you don't know if the ads will work.

  • You can advertise on podcasts. That's free, and podcasts are cheap to produce, so it's low risk. But podcasts are not very popular, and a lot of people still don't listen to them.

  • You can advertise on social media. That's free, and everyone is already on social media, so it's low risk. But social media is crowded, and lots of people already have accounts.

  • You can advertise on search engines. Search engine advertising is expensive, and you don't know how effective it will be.

  • You can advertise with search engines. That's also expensive, and you don't know how effective it will be.