Benefits of Free Website Traffic

The Benefits of Free Website Traffic

The benefits of free website traffic are obvious. If you have 100,000 visits a month, you get 100,000 page views, which you can sell for lots of money. On the other hand, if you are only getting 10,000 visits a month, your pageviews are worth 10 cents each, or less.

How do you get traffic? It depends on what you want to sell. Most people start with search engines.

People often ask me, "How can I get lots of free website traffic?" They assume that if they just get lots of traffic, money will flow in. And that's usually true. But getting lots of traffic is like getting lots of money, and it requires more skill and more luck.

Getting lots of traffic is like getting lots of money.

The way to get lots of free traffic is, first, to create lots of free content. What kind of content? Well, anything. About anything.

Any topic.

Any length.


(There are exceptions, of course. I wouldn't recommend putting pornography on your website.)

Second, you have to do something with it. Obviously, the obvious thing to do is publish it on your website. But you can also put it up on Google+, or YouTube, or Reddit, or wherever else there are users. Or, if you're really ambitious, you can post it on a bunch of different websites.

But publishing it on the web isn't enough. You also need to get traffic.

So, third, you have to get traffic. One of the ways to do that is to build a blog, and blog regularly. But that's hard work.

How about easier ways?

Internet marketing is about creating products and selling them online. Most marketers use web content to promote these products. The Internet provides an effective platform to achieve this goal.

There are two types of resources required for an internet marketer to create web content.

One is the web content and the other is a content distribution network.

Content is the material that is written. It is the words, sentences and paragraphs that form the content.

Go to and search for some phrase like "free website traffic."

Look at the results.

Which websites come up first?

My guess is:

Google has so much free traffic that people are willing to put up with its annoying ads. But how much free traffic can afford to give away? And how many ads can you really put up with?

If you go to the Google homepage right now and click on an image, you get an ad. If you go to and click on an image, you get an ad. If you go to and click on a link, you get an ad.

On the current Google homepage, there are about 250 ads. That's 25% of the page.

Website traffic is a very valuable commodity. The more traffic you have, the more value you earn. There is no reason at all why you should stop increasing traffic once you have it.

(I will limit my remarks here to web traffic.)